The Marijuana Crypto Currency


Welcome to the new and improved Marijuanacoin! After a period of inactivity from the original development team, we decided to step in and take this project to new heights!


The basics about Marijuanacoin


Marijuanacoin is a digital cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin.
We have our own unique blockchain and we are a decentralized network.

Unlike regular banking, transactions with Marijuanacoin are instant and final. In a split of a second you can send or receive Marijuanacoins!

You are in charge, and responsible for your own money!


All transactions send through the Marijuanacoin blockchain need to be validated. Transactions are validated in blocks on the blockchain.

This validation process is called mining.

Inside the blocks sits a so called "block reward". The first one who finds/mint the block on the blockchain, is rewarded with that blockreward, and transactions are being confirmed through out the entire network.


Marijuanacoins are kept inside your own personal Marijuanacoin Wallet. Be your own bank and manage your own funds!

We have a web wallet and desktop wallets available for multiple operating systems.


To get Marijuanacoins you can mine on the network using a cpu/gpu/asic. You can join a mining pool and put your computing power at work to earn Marijuanacoins!

You can also invest in Marijuanacoins by buying them on an exchange!


Marijuanacoin Core information

  • X11 Proof of Work / Proof of Stake

  • 1 Minute Blocks

  • Difficulty Changes Each Block

  • 12 Transaction Confirmations

  • 10 Minted Block Confirmations

  • 2 Hours Minimum Stake Age

  • 100 Days Maximum Stake Age

  • 1.5 MAR Proof of Work Reward

  • 1 MAR Proof of Stake Reward

  • ~800 000 Spendable Supply
  • Modern Design

  • Dashboard Network Information

  • Network Statistics Graphs

  • Multisend

  • Stake Report

  • Block/Transaction Browser

  • Block Splitter (Staking Tool)

  • Advanced Coin Control

  • Advanced Wallet Repair

  • And Much More


Marijuanacoin - The Marijuana Crypto Currency


Quality Software

Responsible And Experienced Team

Lots Of Potential

Bright Future


An overview of our plans

  • Take-Over Process. Q2 2017
    Getting started with the basics. Core/Wallet update, Block Explorer, New Website and an Online Marijuanacoin Wallet.
  • Webshop. Q3 2017
    An official webshop selling feminized seeds, pipes and other accessories for Marijuanacoins.
  • Community Marketplace. Q3 2017
    Developing a marketplace where you can buy and sell products for Marijuanacoins. Use your online wallet to pay for products or receive payment!
  • Staking Pool. Q4 2017
    We're working on a pool where you can stake MAR by sending a certain amount of funds to a so called "staking pool". These funds will be locked for 7 days while staking. After the 7 day lockdown period, your funds + stakes are ready for withdraw! This is a free and 0 fee service provided by the Marijuanacoin Team!
  • Marijuanacoin Exchange. Q4 2017
    To make our service more complete, and easy to use, we are going to add MAR/BTC - MAR/ETH - MAR/DASH - MAR/LTC - MAR/USD - MAR/EUR markets to our platform. Safe and easy trading for everyone.
  • Adopt A Marijuana Plant. Q4 2017
    Issue a shares token through a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a new, and our own grow facility. Each share gives the right on a certain percentage of profits from our harvest. We buy Marijuanacoin with that profit, and distribute them to our share holders. This provides you with a reward of MAR every 10-12 weeks, and buy pressure on the Marijuanacoin market. Our crowdfunding campaign only accepts MAR and BTC for investments. After the share distribution, you can trade your shares for MAR or BTC on our own platform!
  • Merchant Tools. Q4 2017
    Key for acceptance of Marijuanacoins at dispensaries is ready to go software for merchants. Using our "Merchant API" payments will automatically be processed on our platform trading markets, and go directly into your personal online wallet!


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