If your question is not in this list, please contact support.

Online Wallet

A wallet consists out of multiple addresses. Your online wallet deposit address is the "main" address for your account. Each time you send a transaction, your "change" gets send to a "change" address inside your online wallet. This has no influence on your final balance, since the "change" addresses also belong to you. Your "main" deposit address can be used unlimited times!

Sending coins on the Marijuanacoin network requires a fee. To make sure your online wallet can pay for the fee, we have set a reserve on your balance.

Our online wallet requires a minimum of 1 one confirm on the Marijuanacoin blockchain to show in your account
If your transaction is already confirmed, but does not show upin your online wallet, please contact support with the transaction details.

Please contact support with as much information as you can. Addresses, time, etc.

Not yet. We're working on a "staking pool" where you can deposit coins into, and let them stake. This requires a fund lockdown of 7 days while staking, in return we charge 0 fee (Coming Soon)


Download the google authenticator app in the appstore of your device (you need this). Login to your account, and go to settings. Follow instructions.

During signup, we sent you a backup of this code. Please check your inbox for this email. If you don't have this code/email anymore, please contact support for further assistance.

Login to your account, and visit the settings page. You can upload a new avatar there.

Logout of your account. Go to the login page, and click "forgot password". This will send you to a password reset terminal. Follow instructions.

This requires manual account management. Please contact support.

This requires manual account management. Please contact support.

Stats / Charts

We pull data from multiple API's. Our blockchain explorer, Cryptopia Exchange (MAR prices) and Blockchain.info (BTC prices).

All data gets updated every 10 minutes.